Enriched Air Diving

only at Turtle Bay Divers.


Enriched Air allows longer dives by reducing the proportion of Nitrogen in the air you breathe. For example see the benifit of using a breathing mixture of 34% Oxygen rather than the usual 21% oxygen.

Maximum Depth (m)

PADI Maximum dive time (NDL) using air

PADI Maximum dive time (NDL) using Enriched Air 34 (Nitrox 34)

22 m
37 minutes
56 minutes
25 m
29 minutes
45 minutes
28 m
23 minutes
37 minutes
30 m
20 minutes
31 minutes

There are 2 ways to dive with Enriched Air.

The first is to complete the PADI Enriched Air Diver Course. This course is designed to teach you the procedures for safe, recreational, no decompression diving with enriched air. You will learn how to plan dives and determine your no decompression limit and your oxygen exposure limits with enriched air.The course includes two training dives using enriched air.

The second is via the PADI try Enriched Air Program (Try Nitrox). This program is designed to allow non Enriched Air Certified divers to experience the benefits of using enriched air, without completing a certification course. No prior knowledge of Enriched air diving is necessary but we do require that participants be at least Advance Open Water certified.

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